Monday, June 7, 2010

Recherche's Legacy

It's the start of a new turn of issues. Are you ready?

Recherche Magazne began in March of 2008 when I, Lily Rose Todd, decided to try something new and make a difference.

Here you will all be informed on the latest and greatest spoilers, news and insight on the making of Recherche.

Recherche did not get the attention it deserved until the December Leak Scandal. Suddenly, what seemed like a bad situation at a time, resulted in the rise of Recherche.

With the much-loved Enchanted Issue, to the most recent Prom Issue, Recherche's graphics and articles have skyrocketed from mediocre to exceptional. I am proud to say that after many agreements from fellow readers, that Recherche can, and will rival against other leading magazines.

Recherche's legacy will continue. Whether it continue to be me or another whom I will pass the torch to, rest assured that Recherche isn't going anywhere, anytime soon.

Be prepared. Be ready.


  1. Recherche is definitely my favourite magazine on stardoll.

  2. ;O The blog looks amazing!
    I loveeee the graphic on the layout, awesome work Lily ;D